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Why is there tuition deposit?

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A tuition deposit, equal to that of the monthly tuition charge, IS DUE PRIOR TO ENROLLMENT. This deposit serves as a space reservation and commitment to enroll, and shall be refunded at the end of the school year, or credited towards the last month’s tuition; less any outstanding payments or fees still obligated to the school. If the child should withdraw prior to the stated start-up day of the school year; or withdraw during the academic year, a minimum of 30 DAYS WRITTEN NOTICE must be given to the school in order to receive a full refund or credit; less any outstanding fees or monies. Any verbal notice shall NOT CONSTITUTE AS BEING ACCEPTABLE. Otherwise, only a partial refund or credit will be issued if such notice is given outside of what is stated. Determination of the exact amount of a refund or credit will be subject to the sole discretion of the Hanwen School and shall be final.

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