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After School Program


Hanwen School’s after-school language programs give children a way to practice and learn language in multipel times per week. By supplementing your child to learn a new language while having fun, you help prepare your child for the future globalized world economy.

Heritage Language Program

Suitable for children who are able to understand and speak basic Chinese.
Typically children who have been in Mandarin immersion programs or actively speak at home with family members.
Chinese as Second Language Suited for children with no prior language experience OR for kids who may be out of practice speaking Chinese.

This class helps children learn to listen and speak simple Chinese.

Program Overview

Learning language requires frequent listening, speaking, and reading practice.
Our after-school program provides an immersive environment for children 5 days a week.

  • Children first learn phonetics and tones along with basic vocabulary
  • Then they learn simple & more complex Chinese characters through songs, poems, and stories.

Description of Actvities

  • Active Play: Kids use our large gym floor to do various activities designed to help teach Chinese.
  • Chinese Reading/Writing: Formal classroom instruction to allow teacher to cover teaching curriculum.
  • Heritage Enrichment: “Creative” activities that supplement and enhance each week’s Chinese lessons.

Classes on Tuesday & Thursday reinforce & extend Chinese lessons taught on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.