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Why do you not use an existing Chinese curriculum and lesson plan during the summer?

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Our week-long summer camps are structured to teach children Chinese words and phrases related to the theme of the week.

Many structured Chinese curriculum follow a progression of lessons to teach children Chinese words over the course of several weeks.

During the summer, this teaching strategy does not work because of the following reasons:

  1. Parents want their child(ren) to attend different activities that may interest them.
  2. Many families also go on vacation at different times, making it hard to follow a continuous lesson plan.

Our weekly theme-based summer camp allows child(ren) to learn related words through applied usage and will help improve their Chinese. By learning words related to a theme, children can better use these words in the right conversational context.

For example, a child may not learn words for airplane(飛機) or blow(吹) or wind(風) in a Chinese lesson book until a higher grade. By teaching children these words during summer camp, they can actually use them in daily conversation.

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