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What language content and skills are taught?

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Each level has a different curriculum and textbooks.

For example, the beginning level explores the evolution of Chinese characters and fun, immersion-based activities, like understanding Chinese stories and legends. After one year of Mandarin learning, a student should master colors, fruits, time, numbers, body parts, and other basic information in Mandarin, and be able to recognize and write around 300 Chinese Characters.

Advanced students are able to write short passages, such as a diary, write short stories according the pictures given. They are challenged to interact with teachers and chat with each other to feel more comfortable speaking Mandarin outside the classroom. Daily activities like shopping in a grocery store, ordering dim sum in a restaurant can be communicated in Mandarin by the students. Students learn language in a cultural context, enabling them to communicate even more effectively. Great emphasis is placed on contextual and Chinese cultural learning so that even activities such as cooking class and clean-up time serve as opportunities to engage students with the Chinese language.

Language acquisition comes naturally to the children as a result of their participation in these fun and immersion-based activities.

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