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Saturday Morning Chinese

Saturday Morning Chinese

Saturday Morning 9:30AM ~ 11:30AM (2-hour program)

We want to help families whose children can not come to Hanwen School one weekdays due to after-school activities or difficulty in transportation.

This Saturday class will be a mixed-level class for children to learn the following:

  • Beginning phonics (zhuyin)
  • Common 100~200 Chinese characters
  • Common conversational sentence patterns

This class only meets once per week and students will learn at a different (slower) pace than our normal after-school Chinese program during the weekday.


  • Period 1 – 9:30 ~ 10:25 AM (55 minutes)
  • Break/Recess – (15 minutes)
  • Period 2 – 10:40 ~ 11:30 AM (50 minutes)

Minimum of 3 kids to start class.

Please sign up here if you are interested:https://forms.gle/kLvxmUrqYVAWWq6x8

Contact us if you have any questions at info@hanwenschool.org