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Learn Lion Dance

Learn Lion Dance

Friday Afternoon: 5:00~6:00pm

Age: 7+ (Grade 2 to Adult)

Class taught in English+Chinese

Learn the art of lion dancing with Kei Lun Martial Arts. Learn dance movements to emulate lion dance. Get a chance to put on lion dance costumes and practice performing. Students will be able to record and view their lion dance to improve and make their movements feel more natural and realistic.



  • http://keilun.com

Class Expectations

  • Students are expected to come well-rested, fed, watered, and supported in this endeavor.
  • The lion dance is something that students should participate in because they want to.
  • The students will not be permitted to use electronic devices during class time.
  • I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with kids of all ages for years and years, in and out of the lion dance setting. You could say that some people think I have a way with kids.
  • Parents/guardians are welcome to attend any classes; and I thank you in advance for unconditionally and enthusiastically supporting your child’s participation and progress (without criticizing them).
  • Mutual respect is a requirement in the class.
  • Students will be trained to maintain discipline and proper behavior conducive to everybody’s progress.
  • The lion dance is a physical art, and I will make physical contact with my students in safe places in an appropriate manner to teach them properly. If parents wish to keep their children 100% free of physical contact with their instructors or their peers, this is not the right class for your kids.
  • You may quietly take video memories of your own children, but to protect everyone’s privacy/safety, I ask that you do not post or disseminate those videos in any way or on any social media platform without every subject’s permission—even if you or your children are professional YouTubers.

Thank you for making everyone’s safety a priority.


My love for the lion dance begin early in my childhood when I followed every lion which roamed the streets of Chinatown in San Francisco. I was instantly mesmerized by the hypnotic beat of the thundering percussion music, the dazzling colors of their fantastic beasts, and the smell of burnt gunpowder from the firecrackers. I finally began my own training in the art in my late teens, when I joined a Chinese martial arts group.
Today, I’m part of Kei Lun Martial Arts, a group of dedicated artists who have a strong passion for preserving the lion dance and creating some of our own fantastic beasts. We want to see the art of the Chinese lion dance treasured by its next caretakers and we’re eager to get them started on their lifelong journey.