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Abacus Class



Learning the abacus has many benefits. Read below about the Advantages of Abacus Training

Classes are taught in Mandarin Chinese and/or English depending on the students enrolled.

Class Schedule

Monday 4:00~5:00pm
Wednesday 4:00~5:00pm
Thursday 5:00~6:00pm
Saturday TBD 10:00am~12:00pm


(you pay only for remaining abacus class days if semester already started)

Teacher Bio (老師介紹)


Teacher Maggie has over 19 years abacus and mental arithmetic teaching experience since 1999. She’s a very passionate and responsible teacher who loves to interact with the kids during the class. She always cares about their conditions and tries hard to help the kids through their problems. She loves to use different ways to encourage the different kinds of students for abacus study. She believes abacus and mental arithmetic really does help to develop the kids’ intelligence and improve their focus, memory, calculation and logical thinking abilities.

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Advantages of Abacus Training

1. Facilitates Brain Development

Beginning abacus learning at a tender age facilitates brain development. When a child works on abacus, both the hands are made use of to move the beads. Finger movement of hands activates the brain sensors. Right hand coordinates with the left hemisphere of the brain and the left hand coordinates with the right hemisphere of the brain. This facilitates brain functioning.

2. Interests Children

The colorful beads and the very process of solving mathematical problems with abacus interest the child. Abacus training helps to improve concentration and makes problem solving as easy as breeze.

3. Better Understanding of Mathematical Problems

Abacus classes train to approach the numbers in a contextual fashion. This ensures better understanding of the mathematical problems.

4. Gives a Boost to Self Esteem

As you know, abacus training helps to solve arithmetical problems with ease. On solving the problems easily, kids become proud of their capacity and grow confidence. More knowledge as well as the ability to do better than others can boost self-esteem.

There are several other benefits attached like

  • Better comprehension
  • Clearer reasoning
  • Improved reflexes
  • Keener listening skill

Abacus is one of the best ways to help children learn addition, subtraction as well as the complex procedures like multiplication and division.