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After School Parents Handbook




Wisdom Chinese Language School Parents Handbook

※ How to Contact Our Teachers
If you have any questions regarding the learning of your child, please contact us at TEL:(510)252-9226 If
nobody answers the phone, please leave us a message and we will reply as soon as possible. And please
remember to leave the student’s name, class, and the teacher’s name.
※ Absences
1. Please check student’s binder for school schedules.
2. After the school starts, no refunds will be given for students who miss classes due to sickness or absent.
Please ask teachers for materials and homework after the students come back.
※ Preparation before Classes
1. Parents please help children prepare class materials needed for the classes.
2. Do not bring toys or dangerous articles to class. Our teachers will confiscate and give them back to the
parents after class once discovered.
3. Students please prepare a backpack that is large enough to hold a binder, with a pencil case inside. Students
above 3rd grade has to bring a dictionary to class
※ In the Campus:
1. The speed limit near the school area is 25 miles per hour. Please follow the traffic rules.
2. Please follow the rules after entering the parking lot to prevent accidents.
3. Please do not stay in the campus after the classes started. If you would like to wait till the classes are over,
please stay in the parents lounge. Classrooms and parents lounge will be opened at 4:00pm. Please wait
outside the classrooms until 4 o’clock.
4. When you are in the lounge, please do not remove any properties belonged to the school.
5. Please contact us if you see any suspicious strangers.
6. Please help us to maintain anything in the campus. It is our duty to keep the campus clean and intact.
※ Schedule
1. We reserve the right to have any changes to the schedule. We will notify parents if the schedule is subjected
to change.
2. The final exam will be given in the 30th week, and the final evaluation will be given back the following week.
※ Homework
1. Our teacher will prepare a binder and a folder for each student. The binder is for the materials given during
class and the work that had been corrected. The folder is for the current homework, which is required to be
brought to class every time.
2. The cover page of the homework packet includes the instructions on how to do the homework, so parents
please be sure to read the instructions.
3. Please put the homework in the folder for the teacher before the class. Any incomplete homework should be
turned in the following week.
4. Before turning in the homework, parents please help students to check it. If there are any questions, please
contact the teachers via phone or e-mail.
5. We will not be responsible for any lost pages. Please borrow the packet from classmates and make a copy.
6. If the student is absent, please ask the teachers for the homework the next class.
※ Room parents
1. Room parents should be there 10 minutes before lasses start. Please help maintain the order and take care of
the students before classes.
2. Room parents should be responsible to take roll and help returning the roll sheet to the main office.
3. Help bring snacks for students according to the “parents on duty schedule”.
4. Help teachers to collect and return homework.
5. Help teachers maintaining the class order and help out students who encounter difficulties during learning.
6. Lead the student to use the restrooms.
7. Help cleaning up the class after class.
※Misbehaved Students
For those misbehaved student, please follow the following steps:
【Step 1.】admonish and counsel them.
【Step 2.】separate them with the other students.
【Step 3.】report to office.
【Step 4.】contact the parents.
1. Students with emotional problems: We will contact the parents and seek for a way to solve the problem.
2. If none of the above would solve the problem, the student will be forced to withdraw from school and the rest
of the tuition will be refunded.
※Accidents and illness
1. If your child is sick, please stay home and rest.
2. If any accidents happened, school will contact parents and students’ family doctors or send students directly
to the hospital.
3. Insurance company will handle all liability issues.
※ Late pick up and fine
1. Please be on time for the classes.
2. Parents please pick up the student as soon as possible. There will be a $1 fee every minute after the first 15
minutes after class.
※ Pick up
1. Teachers will send students to the parent lounge after class. If you don’t see your children in the classrooms,
please go directly to the parents lounge.
2. If you would like to pick up your children early, please contact us beforehand.
3. For safety issue, if a friend is to pick up your children, please inform the teacher in advance.
4. If the class has not ended by the time you arrive, please wait in the car or in the parents lounge until the class
is over.
※ Visiting class
1. If you invite a friend to listen to our class, please inform our teaching department.
2. If you are interested in participating in the lessons, please inform the teachers in advance. Please be in the
classroom before the class starts, and please do not disrupt the teacher or students during the class.