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Resources for ZhuYin (BoPoMoFo)

Practice ZhuYin (BoPoMoFo)

http://www.mdnkids.com/BoPoMo/ Press on the zhuyin character and hear the sound. Great for parents and children to practice at home pronouncing the sounds.
Chinese Alphabet –
Pinyin Conversion Chart
This is a great chart for English-speakers because it shows an English-equivalent phonetic approximation.

Helpful for parents who want to practice with their child.


Some YouTube videos

Zhuyin Individual Sounds with Vocabulary
Zhuyin Phrase for each Sound
Differentiating between similar ZhuYin sounds

BoPoMoFo Game

There are 6 different levels corresponding to different “groups” of zhuyin characters.
LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 5 will be the hardest.

Reading Stories

http://edu.ocac.gov.tw/biweekly/animation1/index.htm Chinese stories with either “follow-along reading” or “animated story-telling”.
Uses ZhuYin so kids can try to read along.Here is the downloadable PDF version of the stories (as of 9-20-2017)


Mobile Apps with ZhuYin support

Chinese Writer App to help children practice writing Chinese characters (both Traditional & Simplified script.

Game Mode allows kids to practice writing Chinese characters before they fall to bottom of screen.

Pleco This app works as a good dictionary with the ability to search in English or Pinyin.

  • Can be configured to display ZHUYIN (bopomofo) for kids to read.
  • Has a “text-to-speech” ability to pronounce the Chinese word/phrase.
  • Paid add-on features like flashcards can be purchased to practice words.


Mobile Apps to translate between English & Chinese

Google Translate

Google provides a good voice translation tool. Press the microphone and speak in English or Chinese and it can translate into the other language.



Why Learn ZhuYin

From a fellow SF Bay Area family, her analysis of why learning ZhuYin is helpful for our kids learning Chinese in the US.



And another article to consider.

Learning Chinese – Pinyin or Zhuyin?


And if you would like to know more about the history of ZhuYin (http://www.omniglot.com/chinese/zhuyin.htm)