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Trans­porta­tion is one of the chal­lenges fam­i­lies face to get their chil­dren to after school pro­grams.

With our loca­tion, here are sev­er­al options for fam­i­lies to con­sid­er.

Hanwen Shuttle

For 2021–22, our shut­tle goes to:

  • Albany Uni­fied
    Cor­nell, Marin, Ocean­view
    • Ear­ly Bird (around 2:00pm)
    • Late Bird (around 3:05pm)
  • Berke­ley Uni­fied
    • Rosa Parks — Kinder 2:20PM
    • Berke­ley Arts Mag­net (aka BAM) — Kinder 2:25PM
    • Rosa Parks — Kinder 3:15PM
    • Berke­ley Arts Mag­net (aka BAM) — Grade 1–5 3:20PM
  • Black Pine Cir­cle
    • Grade K‑1 — 2:25PM

MONTHLY FEE (subject to available routes)

3‑day (about 12 days) 5‑day (about 20 days)
$150  $200

NOTE: the routes and sched­ule will be updat­ed in August for 2022–23 school year because some stu­dent dis­missal times are announced late.

Berkeley School Bus

Berke­ley Uni­fied School Dis­trict has school bus­es that can drop-off chil­dren at a near­by bus stop where our staff will pick up your child and walk them back to our facil­i­ty. There is no cost for the Berke­ley school bus.

Below are the Cen­tral Zone ele­men­tary schools:

  • Mal­colmX — AVAILABLE, sub­ject to BUSD con­fir­ma­tion
  • Crag­mont — AVAILABLE, sub­ject to BUSD con­fir­ma­tion
  • Le Con­te — AVAILABLE, sub­ject to BUSD con­fir­ma­tion
  • Ruth Acty Ele­men­tary- NOT AVAILABLE (per BUSD, too close)
  • Oxford Ele­men­tary- NOT AVAILABLE (per BUSD, too close)
  • Wash­ing­ton Ele­men­tary- NOT AVAILABLE (per BUSD, too close)
  • Berke­ley Arts Mag­net — NOT AVAILABLE (per BUSD, too close)

Even if you live right next door to a CENTRAL ZONE school, BUSD can help trans­port your child to our after-school pro­gram.

Click here to learn how to sign up for Berke­ley School Bus.

Carpool Options

Stu­dents cur­rent­ly walk or car­pool from the fol­low­ing schools:

  • Berke­ley Uni­fied:
    Ruth Acty, Rosa Parks, John Muir, Wash­ing­ton
  • Kens­ing­ton: Hill­top
  • El Cer­ri­to: Madera
  • Oak­land, Pied­mont, Upper Rock­ridge: TBD

We can ask our stu­dents’ par­ents if they are inter­est­ed in car­pool­ing with oth­er fam­i­lies.

Please email us at info@hanwenschool.org to inquire.

Kid-Friendly Ridesharing Option

There are now rideshar­ing com­pa­nies like Uber and Lyft that pro­vide trans­porta­tion specif­i­cal­ly for chil­dren. These ser­vices insure your chil­dren are safe by requir­ing their dri­vers to be  back­ground checked and have child­care expe­ri­ence to pro­vide a safe jour­ney for your child(ren) to var­i­ous des­ti­na­tions.

Typ­i­cal­ly, these ser­vices cost about $15~20 per trip depend­ing on dis­tance dri­ven and pickup/wait times.

Hav­ing mul­ti­ple chil­dren picked up from the same loca­tion helps reduce the cost per trip.

Please con­sid­er these com­pa­nies: