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Heritage Language Program

Heritage Language Program

Children who can already verbally communicate in Mandarin Chinese are suited to be in our Heritage Language track.

Many of these children learn to understand and speak Chinese with parents, grandparents, or relatives OR attended a Mandarin immersion preschool or elementary school.

In this program, children will learn the phonetics, grammar, broader vocabulary, and practice reading and writing Chinese characters.

For children (grades K-5) who are not yet able to easily understand and speak Chinese,
we have a separate Chinese as Second Language track.


  • Class Days: 
    • 3-day per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
    • 5-day per week (Tu/Thur supplement MWF instruction)
  • Normal Arrival Hours2:30PM ~ 6:00PM
    Student arrival time: 2:30PM ~ 3:45PM.
  • Early Arrival Hours1:30PM ~ 6:00PM
    Student arrival time: 1:30PM ~ 2:45PM


  • Heritage H1 – Grade K~1
  • Heritage H2 – Grade K~2
  • Heritage H3 – Grade 2~5
  • Heritage H4/H5 – Grade 3~6

For upper elementary children with intermediate to advanced Chinese,
we recommend Small Group Chinese Tutoring.