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Extended Care Swim Days


Due to ongoing COVID pandemic, we are not sure if the Berkeley swimming pool will be open for public community access as in past years. If we do not go swimming, we will take children to nearby parks.

On some summer camp weeks, campers in extended care will go swimming on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the West Campus Swimming Pool.

Hanwen School covers the cost of your camper’s swimming pool admission fee.

If your child does not want to swim, they can bring a book to read or we can provide drawing materials for them.

Swim Schedule

  1. Leave Hanwen School at 2:45 PM and walk to West Campus swimming pool with 1~2 camp counselors.
  2. Swim and play in swimming pool from 3:00PM ~ 4:00PM.
  3. Shower and change clothes 4:00PM ~ 4:15PM.
  4. Walk back to Hanwen School 4:15~4:30PM.


  • West Campus swimming pool has several life guards constantly watching swimmers at all times. They are very safety-conscious and attentive.
  • Hanwen School camp counselors will either be swimming or watching campers also.
  • Shallow Pool Area : Children can swim & play in the shallow area of the pool (a 5-year old can stand up with their head above water).
  • Deeper Swimming Pool Area : Life guards make kids pass a swim test before going into deeper areas.
  • Diving Pool : Life guards make kids pass a swim test before using the diving pool.