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Extended Care Swim Days


Due to ongo­ing COVID pan­dem­ic, we are not sure if the Berke­ley swim­ming pool will be open for pub­lic com­mu­ni­ty access as in past years. If we do not go swim­ming, we will take chil­dren to near­by parks.

On some sum­mer camp weeks, campers in extend­ed care will go swim­ming on Tues­day, Wednes­day, and Thurs­day at the West Cam­pus Swim­ming Pool.

Han­wen School cov­ers the cost of your camper’s swim­ming pool admis­sion fee.

If your child does not want to swim, they can bring a book to read or we can pro­vide draw­ing mate­ri­als for them.

Swim Schedule

  1. Leave Han­wen School at 2:45 PM and walk to West Cam­pus swim­ming pool with 1~2 camp coun­selors.
  2. Swim and play in swim­ming pool from 3:00PM ~ 4:00PM.
  3. Show­er and change clothes 4:00PM ~ 4:15PM.
  4. Walk back to Han­wen School 4:15~4:30PM.


  • West Cam­pus swim­ming pool has sev­er­al life guards con­stant­ly watch­ing swim­mers at all times. They are very safe­ty-con­scious and atten­tive.
  • Han­wen School camp coun­selors will either be swim­ming or watch­ing campers also.
  • Shal­low Pool Area : Chil­dren can swim & play in the shal­low area of the pool (a 5‑year old can stand up with their head above water).
  • Deep­er Swim­ming Pool Area : Life guards make kids pass a swim test before going into deep­er areas.
  • Div­ing Pool : Life guards make kids pass a swim test before using the div­ing pool.