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Conversational Chinese Class (Tue-Thur)

Conversational Chinese Class (Tue-Thur)

Suit­ed for chil­dren that under­stand and speak sim­ple Man­darin
from preschool or home envi­ron­ment.

CLASS DAYS & TIMETues­day & Thurs­day 4:00PM~5:00PM

This class meets two days a week to allow stu­dents to prac­tice com­mon con­ver­sa­tion­al Chi­nese. The focus will be learn­ing and prac­tic­ing com­mon gram­mat­i­cal sen­tence and speak­ing phras­es pat­terns in fun, inter­ac­tive ways. This is an alter­na­tive for par­ents who only desire their child to speak Chi­nese and not read and write Chi­nese.

The hour-long class will con­sist of a brief Chi­nese les­son to learn the “pat­tern of the day” and then inter­ac­tive activ­i­ties to prac­tice using the pat­tern. A por­tion of the class time may include arts & crafts as a way to engage stu­dents in using the new con­ver­sa­tion pat­tern they are learn­ing. Stu­dents will learn a cou­ple Chi­nese char­ac­ters each class that sup­port the pat­tern they are prac­tic­ing.

Class Options

  • CLASS only: 4:00PM ~ 5:00PM
      Arrival after 3:50PM
      Pick­up by 5:10PM

  • CLASS + Care: 2:00PM ~ 6:00PM
      Arrival after 2:00PM
      Pick­up by 6:00PM

Min­i­mum of 3 kids to start class.

Please sign up here if you are inter­est­ed: https://forms.gle/wS9xp6sbiWK8bX1F8

Con­tact us if you have any ques­tions at info@hanwenschool.org