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Summer Camp 2019 Weekly Themes

2019 Weekly Themes and Dates

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 Camp # Dates Name Notes
1 June 17 — June 21


Lit­tle Artist – Who Am I?
小藝術家 - 我是誰?

 2 June 24 — June 28


Lit­tle Artist – Ani­mal Par­adise
小藝術家 - 動物的花草天堂

 3 July 1 — July 3

(3 day camp)

Lit­tle Chef #1 – Sim­ple & Deli­cious
小廚師 - 簡單好吃的食物

 4 July 8 — July 12 Lit­tle Chef #2 – Wrap & Roll
小廚師 - 包捲類的食物

5 July 15 — July 19 Lit­tle Chef #3 – Over Rice
小廚師 - 米飯類的食物

6 July 22 — July 26 Lit­tle Chef #4 – Buns & Noo­dles
小廚師 - 包子麵類的食物

7‑A July 29 — August 2 Lit­tle Tai­lor — Glass Beads & Sewing
(Restrict­ed to ris­ing Grade 1~5)

7‑B July 29 — August 2 Lit­tle Pro­gram­mer – Har­ry Pot­ter Wands
(Restrict­ed to ris­ing Grade 3~6)
Major­i­ty taught in Eng­lish due to pro­gram­ming envi­ron­ment

8 August 5 — 9 Lit­tle Chef #5 – Tai­wan Street Snacks
小廚師 -台灣小吃

9 August 12 — 16 Lit­tle Tai­lor — Clay Beads & Sewing

(Restrict­ed to ris­ing Her­itage Chi­nese Grade K~5)

10 August 19 — 23 Lit­tle Artist – Land­scape Paint­ing
小藝術家 - 漫遊山水世界

Camp Cost

Camp Fees

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  • Some camps have addi­tion­al mate­ri­als fees (see camp descrip­tions below)


  • Mul­ti­ple week dis­count: Save $20 per week when you sign up for two (2) camp weeks or more.
  • Sib­ling Dis­count: Take $20 off per week for sec­ond child (can­not be com­bined with mul­ti­ple week dis­count).

Refund Policy

  • Camp weeks are NOT TRANSFERABLE to oth­er campers.
  • CANCELLATIONS: There is a $100 can­cel­la­tion fee per camp. You can can­cel camp through the 6Crickets reg­is­tra­tion por­tal.
  • NO REFUNDS will be giv­en after 5/1/2019.

Camp Descriptions

Learn more about our dif­fer­ent sum­mer camp activ­i­ties below.

All camps are taught in Chi­nese by native Chi­nese speak­ers.
When nec­es­sary, teach­ers will help chil­dren in Eng­lish to under­stand the Chi­nese instruc­tions and vocab­u­lary.

Little Chefs Camps (小廚師)

This camp teach­es chil­dren how to pre­pare dif­fer­ent foods in Chi­nese cui­sine.

  • Every day, chil­dren will be intro­duced to food and dessert recipes they will pre­pare for the day.
    • In the morn­ing, they will help pre­pare and cook food for their lunch meals.
    • In the after­noon, they will help mea­sure and pre­pare recipes for dessert/snacks.
    • On Fri­days, chil­dren will be “chal­lenged” to make their own “Iron Chef” meal.
  • Learn the Chi­nese vocab­u­lary asso­ci­at­ed with the recipe and ingre­di­ents.

Campers will eat the lunch and dessert/snacks that they them­selves pre­pared.

If your child has any spe­cial dietary needs, please inform us and/or
pre­pare a sep­a­rate lunch meal for your child.

Mate­ri­als Fee: $50 — fee cov­ers cost of food and desserts chil­dren will make and eat.

Little Artists (小藝術家)

This camp gives chil­dren the chance to learn how to be artists.

Sur­round­ing each week’s theme, they will

  • Learn sto­ries & back­ground on Asian & West­ern artists.
  • Learn var­i­ous draw­ing & paint­ing tech­niques & cre­ate their own art­work port­fo­lio
  • Design their own sig­na­ture “rub­ber stamp”
  • Chi­nese vocab­u­lary and ter­mi­nol­o­gy asso­ci­at­ed with art tech­niques and artists.

Activ­i­ties include Chi­nese brush paint­ing, water col­or, pastels/crayons, paper crafts, carv­ing, and Chi­nese cal­lig­ra­phy.

Mate­ri­als Fee: $25 — fee cov­ers cost of art sup­plies.

Little Tailor (小珠寶與裁縫師)

This camp teach­es chil­dren sewing and how to dec­o­rate their fab­ric cre­ations.

Chil­dren will learn:

  • How to make a wide vari­ety of bead­ed and wire-twist­ing jew­el­ry.
  • Hand sewing and using a sewing machine.
  • To select mate­ri­als and design pat­terns for sewing projects.
  • Chi­nese vocab­u­lary and ter­mi­nol­o­gy asso­ci­at­ed with sewing and jew­el­ry.

Mate­ri­als Fee: $50 — fee cov­ers cost of fab­ric & jew­el­ry sup­plies.

Little Programmer – Harry Potter Wands (小軟件工程師-哈利波特魔杖)

This camp teach­es chil­dren about the inter­ac­tion between com­put­er soft­ware and phys­i­cal devices.

Chil­dren will learn:

  • About dif­fer­ent com­po­nents of a portable com­put­er and how they inter-con­nect.
  • How to pro­gram a com­put­er to inter­act with a “mag­ic wand”.
  • To build their own soft­ware projects con­trolled by their “mag­ic wand”.

Mate­ri­als Fee: $100 — fee cov­ers cost of “mag­ic wand” that campers will take home at end of camp.

Little Journalist – Observe and Write (小作者)

This camp teach­es kids to bet­ter express obser­va­tions of the world around them in Chi­nese

  • Teacher take chil­dren on walk­ing field trips to explore local neigh­bor­hood and parks.
  • Chil­dren prac­tice express­ing their obser­va­tions with the teacher.
  • Chil­dren write down their expe­ri­ences in Chi­nese with char­ac­ters or pho­net­ics (pinyin or zhuyin).

Lim­it­ed to 4~6 stu­dents