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Small Group Chinese (Grades 3–5)

Small Group Intermediate Chinese

We pro­vide small group Chi­nese lessons for upper ele­men­tary chil­dren in Grades 3, 4, 5.
Each class will have 3–5 chil­dren per teacher.

Our goal is to help chil­dren con­tin­ue learn­ing Chi­nese (Sim­pli­fied script & pinyin) at a more advanced lev­el.
We can also teach Tra­di­tion­al script & zhuyin.

The class­es will be once per week for 2 hours.
Cur­rent­ly, we arrange these class­es on week­days.

Week­end class­es can be arranged on spe­cial request.

Please email us at info@hanwenschool.org if you are inter­est­ed.