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After School Parents Handbook




Wis­dom Chi­nese Lan­guage School Par­ents Hand­book

※ How to Con­tact Our Teach­ers
If you have any ques­tions regard­ing the learn­ing of your child, please con­tact us at TEL:(510)252‑9226 If
nobody answers the phone, please leave us a mes­sage and we will reply as soon as pos­si­ble. And please
remem­ber to leave the student’s name, class, and the teacher’s name.
※ Absences
1. Please check student’s binder for school sched­ules.
2. After the school starts, no refunds will be giv­en for stu­dents who miss class­es due to sick­ness or absent.
Please ask teach­ers for mate­ri­als and home­work after the stu­dents come back.
※ Prepa­ra­tion before Class­es
1. Par­ents please help chil­dren pre­pare class mate­ri­als need­ed for the class­es.
2. Do not bring toys or dan­ger­ous arti­cles to class. Our teach­ers will con­fis­cate and give them back to the
par­ents after class once dis­cov­ered.
3. Stu­dents please pre­pare a back­pack that is large enough to hold a binder, with a pen­cil case inside. Stu­dents
above 3rd grade has to bring a dic­tio­nary to class
※ In the Cam­pus:
1. The speed lim­it near the school area is 25 miles per hour. Please fol­low the traf­fic rules.
2. Please fol­low the rules after enter­ing the park­ing lot to pre­vent acci­dents.
3. Please do not stay in the cam­pus after the class­es start­ed. If you would like to wait till the class­es are over,
please stay in the par­ents lounge. Class­rooms and par­ents lounge will be opened at 4:00pm. Please wait
out­side the class­rooms until 4 o’clock.
4. When you are in the lounge, please do not remove any prop­er­ties belonged to the school.
5. Please con­tact us if you see any sus­pi­cious strangers.
6. Please help us to main­tain any­thing in the cam­pus. It is our duty to keep the cam­pus clean and intact.
※ Sched­ule
1. We reserve the right to have any changes to the sched­ule. We will noti­fy par­ents if the sched­ule is sub­ject­ed
to change.
2. The final exam will be giv­en in the 30th week, and the final eval­u­a­tion will be giv­en back the fol­low­ing week.
※ Home­work
1. Our teacher will pre­pare a binder and a fold­er for each stu­dent. The binder is for the mate­ri­als giv­en dur­ing
class and the work that had been cor­rect­ed. The fold­er is for the cur­rent home­work, which is required to be
brought to class every time.
2. The cov­er page of the home­work pack­et includes the instruc­tions on how to do the home­work, so par­ents
please be sure to read the instruc­tions.
3. Please put the home­work in the fold­er for the teacher before the class. Any incom­plete home­work should be
turned in the fol­low­ing week.
4. Before turn­ing in the home­work, par­ents please help stu­dents to check it. If there are any ques­tions, please
con­tact the teach­ers via phone or e‑mail.
5. We will not be respon­si­ble for any lost pages. Please bor­row the pack­et from class­mates and make a copy.
6. If the stu­dent is absent, please ask the teach­ers for the home­work the next class.
※ Room par­ents
1. Room par­ents should be there 10 min­utes before lass­es start. Please help main­tain the order and take care of
the stu­dents before class­es.
2. Room par­ents should be respon­si­ble to take roll and help return­ing the roll sheet to the main office.
3. Help bring snacks for stu­dents accord­ing to the “par­ents on duty sched­ule”.
4. Help teach­ers to col­lect and return home­work.
5. Help teach­ers main­tain­ing the class order and help out stu­dents who encounter dif­fi­cul­ties dur­ing learn­ing.
6. Lead the stu­dent to use the restrooms.
7. Help clean­ing up the class after class.
※Mis­be­haved Stu­dents
For those mis­be­haved stu­dent, please fol­low the fol­low­ing steps:
【Step 1.】admonish and coun­sel them.
【Step 2.】separate them with the oth­er stu­dents.
【Step 3.】report to office.
【Step 4.】contact the par­ents.
1. Stu­dents with emo­tion­al prob­lems: We will con­tact the par­ents and seek for a way to solve the prob­lem.
2. If none of the above would solve the prob­lem, the stu­dent will be forced to with­draw from school and the rest
of the tuition will be refund­ed.
※Acci­dents and ill­ness
1. If your child is sick, please stay home and rest.
2. If any acci­dents hap­pened, school will con­tact par­ents and stu­dents’ fam­i­ly doc­tors or send stu­dents direct­ly
to the hos­pi­tal.
3. Insur­ance com­pa­ny will han­dle all lia­bil­i­ty issues.
※ Late pick up and fine
1. Please be on time for the class­es.
2. Par­ents please pick up the stu­dent as soon as pos­si­ble. There will be a $1 fee every minute after the first 15
min­utes after class.
※ Pick up
1. Teach­ers will send stu­dents to the par­ent lounge after class. If you don’t see your chil­dren in the class­rooms,
please go direct­ly to the par­ents lounge.
2. If you would like to pick up your chil­dren ear­ly, please con­tact us before­hand.
3. For safe­ty issue, if a friend is to pick up your chil­dren, please inform the teacher in advance.
4. If the class has not end­ed by the time you arrive, please wait in the car or in the par­ents lounge until the class
is over.
※ Vis­it­ing class
1. If you invite a friend to lis­ten to our class, please inform our teach­ing depart­ment.
2. If you are inter­est­ed in par­tic­i­pat­ing in the lessons, please inform the teach­ers in advance. Please be in the
class­room before the class starts, and please do not dis­rupt the teacher or stu­dents dur­ing the class.