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First Open House Success

Thank you for every­one who came to Han­wen School’s first Open House to learn about our after school pro­gram and sum­mer camp. We will be start­ing after school lan­guage pro­gram in Fall 2017, so con­tact us to reg­is­ter and enroll your child.

Click here to view the pho­tos from our Open House

We had a won­der­ful Lion Dance from UC Berke­ley’s VSA Club. They did a fan­tas­tic job bring­ing good luck to Han­wen School. The kids real­ly enjoyed feed­ing the lion cab­bage and tak­ing pho­tos.

Ron Chung, the founder of Han­wen School, gave a pre­sen­ta­tion about the chal­lenges for our chil­dren learn­ing Chi­nese in the US and what are some tar­get learn­ing goals.

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Han­wen School Open House
Pre­sen­ta­tion — May 20, 2017



Thanks to Go!Mandarin for com­ing out and doing a lan­guage & music activ­i­ty with kids at our Open House. They will be offer­ing a Man­darin immer­sion tod­dler & par­ent music class in Fall 2017.