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How will my child(ren) learn Chinese during summer camp?

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Our week-long sum­mer camps are struc­tured to teach chil­dren Chi­ne­se words and phras­es relat­ed to the the­me of the week.

Liv­ing in the Unit­ed States, ele­men­tary school chil­dren already know a lot of Eng­lish vocab­u­lary, but they may not know the equiv­a­lent words in Chi­ne­se.

Dur­ing each week, child(ren) will

  1. Learn to asso­ciate the Chi­ne­se words with their Eng­lish coun­ter­part.
  2. Learn what the word sounds like and learn how to pro­nounce them.
  3. Prac­tice rec­og­niz­ing  and write char­ac­ters through fun activ­i­ties like flash­card relay races and arts & craft activ­i­ties.

In our Man­dar­in immer­sion envi­ron­ment, child(ren) will prac­tice speak­ing with cor­rect gram­mar to fel­low stu­dents and teach­ers. And through con­ver­sa­tion, they will also learn more Chi­ne­se words.


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