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Kids Go Mandarin Music

Kids Go Mandarin Music

Kids Go Man­darin is 100% Man­darin immer­sion music pro­gram for fam­i­ly and kids 0–6 years old. Both Man­darin and music are great foun­da­tions for ear­ly child­hood lan­guage devel­op­ment. Chil­dren in this class will become famil­iar with Man­darin and also build up their musi­cal skills through learn­ing music at the same time.

The cur­ricu­lum com­bines ped­a­go­gies of Kodá­ly Method and Orff Schul­w­erk to build a play­ful musi­cal envi­ron­ment for kids to learn musi­cal skills through play. A typ­i­cal class will include “rhythm”, ” in-tune singing”, “cre­ative move­ment”, “fun activ­i­ties”, “pup­pets and props play”, “Instru­ment play”, and “sto­ry time”. Music sources focus on Chi­nese songs, rhymes, and intro­duce music from all around the world. CD and a book includ­ed.

Fall 2017 Classes at Hanwen School

Kids Go Man­darin will be offer­ing class­es in Fall 2017 at Han­wen School.

  • Thurs­day, 10:00 AM, 09/07/17 — 11/30/17 (10 weeks) / No Class 9/21, 10/12, 11/23
  • Sat­ur­day, 1:15 PM, 09/09/17 — 12/02/17 (10 weeks)  / No Class 9/23, 10/14, 11/25

Please reg­is­ter at  http://www.earlystartmusic.com/class.aspx?cls=505956

Check out their Face­book page  https://www.facebook.com/KidsGoMandarin/