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Our Story

Our Story

Here is a bit about our story…

Our family is one of many families whose children attend Mandarin immersion preschools available in the East Bay cities of Berkeley, Albany, Oakland, El Cerrito, and Kensington. As these children finish preschool and move onto elementary school, there are limited to no programs for children to continue learning Chinese.

Mandarin Immersion Options in East Bay

Currently there are three elementary school options for Mandarin Immersion. They are great options for some families and challenging for other families.

Public School As An Alternative Option

We wanted a Mandarin language learning program that complements public school education.

Berkeley, Albany, Kensington and El Cerrito have great public school education programs.

  • Experienced public school teachers teach students a diverse range subjects in English without having to worry about foreign language comprehension.
  • When children go on to middle school and high school, learning subject matter in English will greatly benefit their ability to communicate with peers and teachers.
  • Children in public schools have the opportunity to socialize with fellow students from more diverse ethnic & cultural backgrounds.
  • Friendships children form in elementary school can continue on through middle school and high school.

Learning Chinese & Culture at Hanwen School

We have found our community of families were eager and excited to support their children in Chinese language and culture. With encouragement from our community and local families, we organized Hanwen School to offering educational programs.

Hanwen School offers an after-school programs, weekend workshops, and summer camps to teach Mandarin Chinese and to provide cultural enrichment in a language-immersion environment. Working with several talented and passionate instructors, we continue to offer programs to enrich children’s Chinese language and cultural heritage.

Stay tuned and thanks for checking us out. Please spread the word!

Ron, Founder & Director
Hanwen School